Mølen beach 1, version 2

Picture by arnsteinbj

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  • June 05, 2012
  • Canon 5D Mark 2
  • Canon 17-40L
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number F19, 1,2 & 5 sec
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
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mølen stones beach rolling sea


05 Jun 16:51

"spiritofweston" suggested flipping, cropping away sky and a little more contrast. Well, that work too, i think. Do you aggree?

05 Jun 16:57

Very, very nice!

05 Jun 17:25

I think spirit was on to something..

05 Jun 18:53

nice work

05 Jun 18:53

To be brutally honest I preffered the other, I will leave the score at ten because it would be a bit unfair.

05 Jun 18:56

Not a great difference IMO and I "think" I liked it the other way better with largest stone on right.

05 Jun 19:01

If you read the forum there is one there about flipping. The opinion on the forum differs from Spiritofwestern. The objects are best viewed on the right NOT left. If you have time it's a great article.

05 Jun 19:56

http://hdrcreme.com/forums/9/topics/256 Seems to support what Spiritofweston is saying. If I use the rocks and play connect the dots, my eye moves form right to left.

05 Jun 20:12

Thanks everyonne for your comments, especially about flipping. Interesting article. I have never thought much about this when I'm shooting. Maybe my/our mind takes care of this itself, when we compose the image..?

05 Jun 20:42

I liked it last time too but now it's better!

05 Jun 23:41

What about us - the Jews and Muslims, we read right to left, yet we value a wonderful image when we see one, regardless whether is right or left 1/3 of the image. This one by no means needs a flipping.

06 Jun 08:26

To vendenis, about flipping or not, and about the article saying that our mind "scans" from left to right, and about your point that Jews and Muslims that read right to left: I thought about the reading too when I read the article, but if it is true that

06 Jun 08:27

...our mind "scans" from left to right, I assume this was "programmed" into our mind long before the invention of writing (probably in Egypt, 3400 BC). I assume this "scanning" of landscapes (and later images) was programmed into our ancestors (hunters)

06 Jun 08:28

...brains 100.000 years ago. Or a million years ago. I believe this scanning is still going on, but in other settings 

06 Jun 20:42

Flott bilde fra en kjent plass

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