Doorway at 154

Picture by johnt

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  • June 11, 2012
  • Canon 24mm-840mm point and shoot zoom
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2, 0, +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Photoshop Elements.. very early morning with sunlight peaking through tree-tops.


11 Jun 15:09

I have a question for the pro's.. please do not vote with number as I won't be exchanging. Constructive critique is welcome. My question for the pro's is: Rule of thirds.. Rule of thirds.. When your main subject's focal point takes up 65% of the photo.. how do you implement the Rule of thirds..?? My un-educated guess is you have to throw it out the window.. am I close or have I missed something..?

11 Jun 15:20

I am NOT a PRO John. But I do know Rule of Thirds does not have to apply to each and every image ever taken to be a Good Capture. Perhaps a tighter crop to define your title, who knows? Everyone sees things differently. Fine Welcoming Post in my Eyes.

11 Jun 16:06

John, looks really good downloaded plenty of details & colours are superb. I agree with digicam comments, my only other comment would to suggest it may have been better to shoot ‘portrait’, then you would be able to get the top & bottom of porch & steps w

11 Jun 16:06

with in the frame.....

11 Jun 16:08

John, you have improved significantly in the process, it looks very natural, very well resolved the difficulty of lights and shadows. In this case would have allowed less steps and further up the gate number.

11 Jun 16:10

I do not see a great hdr, not even a big subject, sorry, I will wait your next image. please do not vote for me now.

11 Jun 16:12

sorry, non era questo il mio commento. era in memory. sorry

11 Jun 16:16

io volevo scrivere: per me la foto è solo un hobby, bellissimo. quando il formato è quadrato la regola dei terzi perde di importanza. ok

11 Jun 16:33

I'm not a "PRO"..., so I guess I can Vote? ;)

11 Jun 17:14

Thanks so far everyone.. @Graham.. I did shoot the same scene vertical so this is the cull version used as an example. The vertical eliminates the patch of sky on the left upper and does crop in towards the door which is the correct approach I do believe?

11 Jun 17:36

I like it. Another good treatment of light and shade. I would prefer to see the top of the porch though...

11 Jun 18:08

Thanks Karl.. I can only post one today or you would get your chance to see the vertical now. I will wait until tomorrow and post it as I have another question on light and one on crop for the experienced on that version.. The student..!! :)

11 Jun 20:21

I like this one, John. Not a 10, but a good 9. You really have improved a lot.

11 Jun 20:39

John, I agree with Graham about shooting portrait on this one. Sometimes "rules" can not always be adhered to such as in this case. It's more of a suggestion to be pleasing to the eye.

11 Jun 21:26

Thanks Ruhri.. I'm trying! I rated it 8 with the sky patch and cut off porch.

11 Jun 21:28

Agree on vertical and will be posting that one tomorrow with whoa.. more qustions. Any situation like this I shot both ways in case I made a bad judgement call. With digital exposures with no price tag.. why not shot from different angles.. etc. haha

11 Jun 22:28

Looks great, but it's a bit skewed...

11 Jun 23:17

Thanks Randy.. didn't catch that. Will try to be more careful.

12 Jun 00:03

John, the rule of third may not always apply. Concentrate on the symmetry of the doorway

12 Jun 07:04

Perfect processing!

12 Jun 07:11

Love this ...nice processing

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