Door at 154 II.. questions

Picture by johnt

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  • June 12, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm Canon P&S built on zoom
  • Shooting Style Tripod
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  • Exposures Number -2, 0, +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Photoshop Elements.. shot early morning with sun peeking through tree-tops. I shot this after scouting the house intentionally to capture this effect which I like but.. not sure what others interpretation of blown lighting is..


12 Jun 12:33

Please do not vote with number. I have another question for the experienced photographers. I saw Karl O. get deducted on Tales for Cyrpt the other day for "blown highlights" as interior lighting hit one arm of statue harshly. So.. look at the sunlight streaking through the tree-tops in areas to hit the face of the house which I shot early to intentionally capture. What constitutes a "Blown Highlight" as I am unclear what to attempt to capture and what to avoid.?? Thanks in advance for any assist on adding a piece to the puzzle for me.. :)

12 Jun 13:35

Well done, some burnt areas

12 Jun 13:39


12 Jun 14:07

I only do photography as a hobby, this is almost burned, ihmo. There are still yellow colored pixels. I think the truth is burnt completely white (often in the clouds). I'm not a pro, but if you ask an a pro, will say the same thing.

12 Jun 14:12

in Tales of Crypt (Karl) i voted 10 (ihmo acceptable burned)

12 Jun 15:47

Thanks Bjorn.. Phil and Leonardo. Could you point out burnt areas or are you referring to over-all. From first hand I can tell you the house is in dire need of a pressure wash and new paint. Hence.. spots on lower columns.. trim facia and walls which is l

12 Jun 15:50

effect of mildew weathering. The door has an inside poly-urethane coating which is wearing uneven from UV rays and moisture. A classic case of why not to use inside poly finish outside. So.. it my whole picture burned by fault of mine or am I simply captu

12 Jun 15:53

capturing what I see in reality? The reason I would like to pinpoint burn or just over-all burn? Thanks again guys..

12 Jun 16:07

BTW.. the house color is an off-white almost to be described light almond colerd if that is of any help in assesment.

12 Jun 17:11

Thanks Flip.. after contemplating burn using the above info I believe everyone is referring to just the areas of bright sun-light hitting in various spots as was my original question. Interesting.. I'm kind of prone to think there is a fine line between a

12 Jun 17:12

aceptable and non-acceptable. Is the glass half full.. or half empty.??

12 Jun 17:34

For me John the burns appear in the upright pillars, but it's not really bad. Try taking a wider exposure range. I often take 9 images but even that's sometimes not enough.

12 Jun 17:35

yes, sometimes it's just a glass half full or half empty ....

12 Jun 17:41

sometimes with the click n. (-2 underexp) get in camera raw (Pshop) -3 and -4. So i can have -4, -3, -2, 0 +2

12 Jun 18:34

Now you dont kile numbers Jhon? What happens in the sensor of your camer is that there is a limited range of frecuency that is can respond to. anything above the limit will be plain white. (ergo: burn) the same happens with computer screens and everything

12 Jun 18:35

Thanks Karl and Leonardo. That answers a lot for me on the half empty.. half full theory. Unfortunately my point and shoot will only auto bracket 3 shots and I don't have Raw capability. I will consider going to manual settings for more exposures on trick

12 Jun 18:35

Leonardo's advice on exposure I think would help with bright sunshine/light on some surfaces. I do prefer the composition on this one John....

12 Jun 18:36

(*like). .....everything else in digital photography.

12 Jun 18:42

Thanks also Doc and Graham.. the pieces to the puzzle are starting to fit into place giving me a bigger picture so to speak. I need to do some Googling on the subject obviously which fortunately I do have time for retired.

12 Jun 19:47


12 Jun 21:44

John, the traductuor of google sometimes not help me much, did not quite understand your question, but I can tell, I liked the process of yesterday and the composition of today (could put the two pictures in a shaker and view out) ha ha.

12 Jun 21:48

In my previous photo camera, also had a bracket of 3 exhibitions. What I did was take in manual mode, and leave it aperture, varying the speed. The aperture should not be vary because it changes the depth of field.

12 Jun 21:48

Thanks Bessi and Ricardo. @Ricardo.. just trying to determine exactly what "burned" means so I better determine when something is or isn't burned. :)

12 Jun 21:51

The problem with using manual mode, is the movement, so a tripod is essential. In summary when there is lots range of lights, not enough 3 shots. The RAW format gives great flexibility.

13 Jun 00:32

Thanks again Ricardo.. my tripod is a Manfrotto that cost almuch as much as my little camera but.. well worth it IMO. Good tip of in varying light sources 3 exposures not enough.. simple and to the point.

13 Jun 20:30

I will try my take on explaining Burn to you john. Digital cameras are based on a color range 0-250. 250 being white. if you have clipping in your histogram to to the complete right those area's are burnt and the information is lost. so there is no detail

15 Jun 05:11

John I think it's very good, perhaps a little clear in highlights (column and righ side of door) but very good effect!

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