Cutty Sark

Picture by rrr

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  • June 17, 2012
  • Nikon coolpix P5100
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
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Cutty Sark Ships Bell Bell sailing ship


17 Jun 09:47

This is the ships bell from the clipper ship Cutty Sark. The Cutty Sark set many speed records during her lifetime and now stands at greenwhich in London fully restored. This shot was taken with the Nikon compact camera. The Cutty Sark was once the most famous of the great clippers, the name ‘clipper’ referring to the fast sailing ships of the nineteenth century that traversed the world’s major trading routes. Commissioned by shipping magnate Jock ‘Whitehat’ Willis, she was built in a Scottish shipyard and launched at Dumbarton in 1869. The Cutty Sark’s unusual name derived from a poem by Robert Burns called ‘Tam O’Shanter.’ In this ode, a hero is chased by some witches, with the fastest one’s revealing shirt being known by the Scots as a cutty sark. The Cutty Sark was a masterpiece, the pinnacle of sailing ship design. Her composite hull of timber and iron was sleek and strong, while her three masts could hold a spread of canvas that propelled the ship at up to 17 knots. As a result, she spent the 1870s speeding across the high seas, establishing a reputation as one of the fastest ships afloat.

17 Jun 09:49

Beautiful piece!

17 Jun 10:20

very nice Ron,maybe just a little soft though :-)

17 Jun 10:36

No problem Paul, always appreciate your comments.

17 Jun 11:58

WOW, I never knew that about the Cutty Sark. I have heard of it but never knew any of the details. Thanks for sharing. Great shot. It's a little soft but I like the over all effect.

17 Jun 12:13

agree with paul but nice shot and history

17 Jun 12:49

Very nice, I like this soft look.

17 Jun 13:36

nice view

17 Jun 14:51


17 Jun 16:08

I like the soft tone and the DOF.

17 Jun 16:37

i'm not fan of soft looks, but then it suites to the subject i like it

17 Jun 17:00

Well done.

17 Jun 17:24

Was looking at this in the morning sunlight when I gave it 9,but looking at this now(dark hours)it actually is worthy of a 10,it has just the right look.Sorry time buddy :-)

17 Jun 17:38

Superb Ron, it must have been hard to get the focus spot on through the glass. As other comments have stated 'Softness' but I don't really mind that. No doubt hand held also.

17 Jun 17:42

It was hand held I forgot to put that in the info section:)

17 Jun 21:27


17 Jul 20:08


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