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  • June 25, 2012
  • Canon 7d
  • Samyang 14mm
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
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25 Jun 17:11

The cave dwelling is present in an architecture consisting of different traditions to develop habitat underground or dug into the rock hillside. The cave houses are often dug into the soft rock like limestone, sandstone or flabby. In France, there are more than you might think, and they are always busy, especially in Anjou, Saumur and Touraine. The department of Maine-et-Loire, a land of limestone and marl, has in the Saumur region nearly 1,200 kilometers of underground cavities and 14,000 half of which are derelict. Many galleries are used by companies Anjou Saumur sparkling wine and mushroom farms producing the famous "mushroom of Paris"; At Doue-la-Fontaine, many cave dwellings were originally dug to extract from the falun stone, also called "Dapple" to make constructions. These quarries form "cathedral cellars"; The troglodyte village of Rochemenier, erected from the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries is, contrary to the cave dwellings of natural cliff along the Loire in Anjou and Touraine, a troglodyte village situated on a plain. The peasants have dug Rochemenier large courtyards kinds of open pits and around them, they dug their homes and outbuildings, and even an underground chapel. There are also ancient cliff dwellings in the valley of the Seine midway of Paris and Rouen, La Roche-Guyon and Haute-Isle in particular, this village was composed entirely of "boves" carved into the cliff limestone until the nineteenth century, he has the only church carved entirely from a cliff in the Ile-de-France and dating from 1670. In the same department of Val d'Oise, Pontoise (Hermitage) and Auvers-sur-Oise, in the valley of the Oise, also have many houses carved into the cliff, and most have become workshops, cellars or garages when they are accessible from the road.

25 Jun 17:18

Love the process.

25 Jun 17:23


25 Jun 18:39

Great picture. In my view the grey area at the top of the sky should have been cropped out.

25 Jun 18:54

Perfect for me! very interesting!!

25 Jun 21:56

Agree Karl on the gray spot but.. worth a ten in my eye even with it. Love the scene.

25 Jun 22:04

Agree with Karl, but for me is a ten.

25 Jun 22:21

Nice shot and interesting background info too. :)

25 Jun 22:27

Lovely, have you been down des gorges d'ardeche? the beautiful canyons and river with many caves and arches over the water would be excellent HDR subject.

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