Eglise Saint Martin d'Auzouer en Touraine

Picture by sanackas

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  • June 26, 2012
  • Canon 7d
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26 Jun 16:18

Church of Saint Martin (eleventh, and nineteenth century to 1612) The original church consisted of a single nave, narrower than the present nave, which explains the current location of the porch, shifted left. This porch and part of the north wall of the nave are the only remains of the original building. In the seventeenth, the nave was enlarged, built a chapel near the choir. In 1851 a fire destroyed the apse, due to the clumsiness of a sexton. The building was then completely restored, rebuilt the apse, and a symmetrical to the first chapel was added. Only the western facade remained home with the porch and the small semicircular bay, at the center of the facade, above it. The bell tower, threatening to collapse, was destroyed in 1899. - The stained glass windows from the workshop Lobin, at Tours, was laid in 1851. One of them is St. Martin and Bishop of Charity of St. Martin. - A statue of St. Martin the bishop represents. His right arm raised, is broken at the elbow. His left hand is down, she seemed to hold the butt of the bishop.

26 Jun 16:19

works well with the zebra crossing, like it :)

26 Jun 21:28

I like it

26 Jun 21:52


26 Jun 22:12

Interesting building.. love the sky.

26 Jun 22:58

somehow that clock doesn't match with that ancient church. I love that doorway. It could be a subject all by itself.

26 Jun 23:12

I like the simplicity of construction, any corrective spot in the sky becomes clear.

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