Castle - Meyenburg

Castle - Meyenburg

Picture by dungeon192

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  • Canon EOS 600D
  • Canon 35-80 mm USM
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -1.3, 0, +1.3
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
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30 Jun 04:47

Now you've got it! That's a much cleaner process, the junk in the sky and the grass is much better. worth the effort.

30 Jun 04:53

Nice image, but there is quite a bit of Chromatic Aberration in the darker areas

30 Jun 05:10

Thanks - I am beginner to HDR programmes

30 Jun 05:20

I agree, the blue in the leaves can be taken out and you will have the perfect photo. The rest in perfect in my eyes

30 Jun 05:56

I like this, but processing in the sky is not complete, you can improve it

30 Jun 06:56

scary but good :)

30 Jun 09:12

Agree, maybe some colour correction and a little play with highlights/shadows to be 10. Great subject!

30 Jun 09:55

Great image, as you say your beginning in Hdr, as me still learning. This is better than the original but still room for improvement....Suggest different subject to help in Hdr....

30 Jun 11:41

When downloaded the C/A is really prevalent.

30 Jun 12:05

Shoot a night HDR is always difficult i think. Like the dark sky and POV. Cut at the top (right upper corner) could be revisit.

30 Jun 14:00

Perfect shot if you had cloned out the blue abberation in that small area which in this case would be easy with Photoshop or PS Elements.

30 Jun 19:02

A difficult HDR subject. Looks a little harsh to me.

30 Jun 23:30

Welcome, great first post, crisp and very natural process, a problem with aberrations, but I like the lights and shadows. Surely here improve their work with contributions from everyone.

10 Jul 21:23

great shot and nice pov

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