Covered Bridge..

Picture by johnt

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  • July 07, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm P&S built on zoom
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2..0..+2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Canon SX 40 HS Point and Shoot


07 Jul 11:43

Covered Bridge shot with Point & Shoot zoomed in very bright sun with no filter capability. Critique welcome no matter how you grade.. I'm a big boy now. :)

07 Jul 12:12

I think the 9 might become the new 10 haha. this one is good, but just a tiny bit flat for me. It think it has all of the correct elements, but it doesn't blow me out of the to speak.

07 Jul 13:07

Frankly.. me either as I don't think there will be many Wow's. That is a rare shot and process combined IMO. I had excellent comp but certainly far from perfect in other areas as I see my own pic here. :)

07 Jul 13:18

I like it, reminds me a bit about the movie, with Streep/Eastwood. A tiny bit flat as Flipd said, a litle more "WOW" on that bridge would make it pop.

07 Jul 13:49

Yeah.. the color they restored to didn't make my top ten list but.. the company that moved it from one location to it's existing for $59,000 U.S. dollars in the early 70's had the say so on color. haha

07 Jul 14:20

I think I will like Atlanta, my next destination in October, I make it public. Beautiful bridge, had to have wood but it was not John. I will be demanding, according to the new paradigm of HDR Creme! In general a very clean process, suffers from the probl

07 Jul 14:20

... suffers from the problem that we have many to the sky, shades, more clear about the trees. Another thing I see is a blur distracting branches.

07 Jul 15:52

The crop could be better and in my opinion the shadows could be deeper

07 Jul 17:49

John, I have looked at this image at least 9/10 times today trying to understand how the sky has an Aqua/turquoise tint plus the wood on the bridge, water & trees have a strong green. So I apologise should I have got this wrong….Anyway it’s a 9….

07 Jul 18:05


07 Jul 18:08

Amazing what you can do with those cans of spray paint from Walmart Graham. I prefer the flat over glossy. haha

07 Jul 18:56

Great image but for me the sky is too turquoise and the bridge is too central, hence my score (unless you convince me that they have unique skies in Atlanta...)

07 Jul 19:10

Superb. Super Clean and the Simplicity alone makes this one a Favorite!

07 Jul 19:11

Not unique Karl.. I think (??) a JPEG being saved about 7 times losing pixels with each may contribute to the color..? Not sure..

07 Jul 20:22


07 Jul 22:03

I agree about the sky and would like to see more HDR evidence John

07 Jul 22:09

100 percent superb.

07 Jul 23:26

I like this composition, the wind was clearly blowing a bit more than your liking. I would return and give it another try if possible. this can be a wow with dramatic clouds.

08 Jul 00:52

Beautiful picture.

08 Jul 01:10

Well done

08 Jul 15:21

Realistic HDR! Like the colors especially on the water.

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