Fishing Boat in for repair

Picture by deesidegranite

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  • July 28, 2012
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boat fishing scotland stonehaven


28 Jul 10:06

Fishing boat at Stonehaven (Scottish North East Coast) in for repair.

28 Jul 10:13

Beautiful shot, could be POTD.

28 Jul 11:18

Welcome to Hdrcreme, superb 1st post.

28 Jul 11:20

More information on the details section will help in knowing how your image was created...

28 Jul 14:31

Excellent first.. welcome here but I seriously doubt this is your first rodeo from the quality of the shot. :)

28 Jul 15:14

Thanks for the nice comments. JohnT you're right this wasn't my first attempt - but was actually my second. I'll post my first attempt to let you see. Thanks again.

28 Jul 15:28

Photo was taken with A Lumix G10 using standard 14-42 lense. f/9 1/400sec iso100 focal length 24mm . Edited with view-nx2 to get 3 x exposures then further edited with Luminance HDR. (sorry I couldn't edit the camera settings at top of post).

28 Jul 16:17

Nice one. Better some steps back with full ship to see and some more space at the left without cutting the rail i think.

28 Jul 16:28

Welcome, my picture also dedicated to you. Interesting first post, something dark and cut the boat can be improved. If you can, try Photomatix, but that told Luminance former users.

28 Jul 17:01

More details needed above for a better assesment of your Post. Thanks.

28 Jul 17:03

Very nice shot. I know this area well. I agree with Dirk that it would be much better if the whole boat in the foreground was in shot.

28 Jul 17:48


28 Jul 18:56

superb process

28 Jul 19:15

It was impossible to get the whole boat in as it was quite close to the harbour wall. Thanks for the comments though.

28 Jul 21:48

great shot Jerry

28 Jul 22:38

Nice scene. I would have stepped back a bit too and got all of the boat in the shot OR gone the other way and got in much closer on teh foregroung boat

28 Jul 23:53

You can EDIT after posting. Look below image left side above ratings box. When you look at your own image it states "EDIT" if anyone else looks at same image it says "FAVORITE".

29 Jul 06:52

I love this, cooked a little more and wait for the bloke to get out of the boat and it would be a wall hanger :)

29 Jul 08:46

A little heavy on the blacks otherwise very nice shot :-0

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