Just foeling around

Picture by daze420

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  • August 08, 2012
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08 Aug 18:07

This will be my last post on this site for some time, i have had many msg's from members telling me that i post but dont leave comments and votes on there post. At the momment i'm very busy at home i will be going out doing my photograhy and processing them but i will not be posting. Sorry to all those that have taken the time to comment and vote on my work over the time i have been on the creme.

08 Aug 19:59

Nice scene but think a closer crop on horses would suit as background slightly soft, looking forward to your Return :) 8.5

08 Aug 20:04

Dont have to say sorry mate, I know what its like, being run off your feet:) Great process on the horses by the way.

08 Aug 20:28

Super Sharp and Clean

08 Aug 20:39

Man I hate to see some leave because of this. I love your work. Always look forward to seeing it.

08 Aug 23:23

nice scene, horse's are sharp but a slight halo can be seen around mumma horse on my screen 8++ ........... look forward to your return :)

08 Aug 23:23


08 Aug 23:49

Understand your position as most are somewhat strapped for time. I'm retired and have to find time to do this which leaves my wood-working feeling somewhat neglected. Good luck and hope to see you in future.

09 Aug 08:51

There are some hardcore politics on here(normal on all other sites as well).Everybody thinks differently and we just need to go with that and accept it.I am in the same boat as far as time goes but try to be as fair as possible with give and take.I enjoye

09 Aug 08:53

I enjoyed your shots (the ones I saw) and I hope you come back soon :-)

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