Old Faithfull

Picture by dmc

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  • June 29, 2009
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horse Uncle


29 Jun 00:00

My uncle and his horse... they appear to have an understanding...

29 Jun 00:00

Well, I like your shot, David. Question; is this just one exposure?

29 Jun 00:00

Yes, it is one exposure. I haven't figgured out how to bracket exposures with moving subjects???? I still like the effect I get..Actually I use adobe elements7 and under the guided function create my own High and low exposures. sometimes using 7 stages o

29 Jun 00:00

Well, one tip a guy gave me is, for instance, if you are taking multiple exposures of say a landscape with birds flying over head just erase the birds in all but one of the exposures before you bring them all together in photomatix. Works pretty well but

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