Alaric bridge over the river Busento

Picture by yoctox

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  • September 21, 2012
  • Canon 1000D
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yoctox river Alarico Visigoti Busento Cosenza Italy Calabria bridge


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Alaric I Alaric or the Balti, Alaricus in Latin (about 370 - Cosenza, 410), was King of the Visigoths from 395 to his death (410). Alaric is famous for having put in place the sack of Rome. He was the first true king of the Visigoths, after nearly two decades of continuous war and permanent understood the need of the figure of a king who bankrolled the supreme power and was not just a director or, if necessary, a leader. Belonging to the dynasty of Balti, you do not know his ancestors. Together with Attalus Alaric laid siege to Ravenna, who was about to give up, when he received the help of a contingent of about 4,000 soldiers Byzantines, while the African province had rebelled against Rome and was again threatened by famine. While Alaric attacked all the cities cispadane then move in Liguria, Attalus returned to Rome, where he was opposed to sending an army in Africa. For this Alaric, between May and June 410, deposed him and held him in its custody along with Galla Placidia, sister of Honorius. After you have sent to Honorius the tiara and the imperial purple of Attalos is resumed negotiations but failed because I'll be again passed by the Emperor's troops attack Ataulfo ​​[4], in violation of the truce. Alaric, impatiently, for the third time marched on Rome, 24 August 410, after the door had been opened by treachery Salaria, took and sacked (Sack of Rome), for three giorni.I Visigoths left Rome loads booty and Alaric, from Capua and Nola, went to Reggio, where he prepared a fleet, with the intention of conquering Africa, the granary of the empire, and then take over Italy. But a storm dispersed and sank the ships when they were already partially charged and ready to go. Then Alaric left the city heading north, but when he was still in Calabria, near Cosenza, was suddenly taken ill and died. According to legend was buried with his treasures in the river bed "Busento in Cosenza", Calabria on the ground and the slaves, who had worked on the temporary diversion of the river, were killed because they were kept secret on the place of burial. (source Wikipedia)

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