Sunset In Monument Valley

Picture by murreywalker

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  • June 29, 2009
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sunset Arizona Monument Valley Left Mitten


29 Jun 00:00

3 Bracket Image HDR authored in Photomatix Pro

29 Jun 00:00

I love the way an HDR image captures the feel of being there at the place and time; it's much more like the brightness range our eye actually sees. This image in particular feels open and expansive, like like the Valley itself. Nice work!!

10 Jul 12:07

Murrey, what I like about your images is that they are not "over processed" like many HDR images. I am not saying that their usage is wrong and yous is right; just to my eye I find the effect pleasing. Regards Peter

10 Jul 12:59

Thanks, Peter! High Dynamic Range is software designed to "widen" the range of color and light values the human eye can detect. No more. No less. Anything else merely adulterates, and detracts. Just my personal opinion, of course.

14 Jul 16:31


21 Aug 15:17

Killer........10 once again!

22 Nov 02:05

Well done. One of my most favourite places.

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