Moammar Rana

Picture by meshaa

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  • October 04, 2013
  • Nikon D2X
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04 Oct 14:40

Moammar rana is the famous celebrity in pakistan. When Moammar Rana ( celebrity in Pakistan ) feels a lot hair loss He whole befuddled however latterly he makes him-self ready for hair transplant surgery as his friends guided him for obtaining obviate from this severe flaw attributable to that his temperament might lose step by step. Moammar Rana gets treatment from the ILHT specialist hair transplant physician. Moammar gets treatment for his hair loss, he feels a categorical trend with natural results.

04 Oct 14:49

I am getting bold ! how much is the treatment?? Here is like 1 usd per bulb. too expensive!!.. JUst send me the plane ticket to Pakistan ! will pay cash...

04 Oct 15:14


04 Oct 16:55

I could handle the hair...but i refuse to wear the lip gloss

04 Oct 17:57

Hai sbagliato sito

04 Oct 18:39

Focus is off, background is over exposed, maybe too center, and all the water marks really detract from the overall product... poor composition and process. I'll throw in a + for that guys hair. Wait... This isn't even a serious HDR picture

04 Oct 23:32

Mesha my sweet dick brain if you are going to spam a site get your English corrected. For a small fee or a rethatch I can undertake this for you. hopefully then you will not look so stupid

04 Oct 23:38

I like his wig.

05 Oct 08:07

Go SPAM smoewere else

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