Spider Rock At Canyon de Chelly

Picture by murreywalker

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  • June 29, 2009
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Spider Rock Murrey Canyon de Chelly HDR Example


29 Jun 00:00

Perhaps this will serve as an example of what HDR (right image) can do to an image that most find acceptable to start with. While I know others use HDR as an extreme art form, I think the application works best to enhance.

29 Jun 00:00

Great example!

29 Jun 00:00

Very good example Murrey, we should start doing this side by side thing. Your shadows are showing great detail in the HDR version as well as the highlights. Much better richness of color. Is this shot in RAW, or bracketed jpegs?

29 Jun 00:00

Thanks, Mark. I only shoot RAW. More often than not, I shoot a 5 shot bracket. Sooner or later we'll see HDR move into the camera's firmware. Until then we'll have to settle for doing it the old fashioned way. ;-)

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