Relais St Francois

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  • January 05, 2014
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05 Jan 21:08

Built in 1971 Relais st francois was a center of juvenile correction. One of the first building that was applied to the walls and enhanced color therapy in America. Its futuristic architecture gave it the title of the most beautiful architecture in eastern townships. Abandoned without good reason in 2000 and then ransacked and robbed, it is a sign of neglect. It doesn`t have quite forgotten before its demolition. I am one of the last visitors because they will demolish soon in this month. That I have known this place there 32 years being resident. Imagine my emotions my return`s at interior. One of the most mysterious places in the region awakening the senses due to multiple various impulses lived in this building. Many experiences that I told even video utube.Le time passes but nothing will be forgotten

05 Jan 23:38

Place with lots of potential, no data to know how many shots did here, more shots can prevent the windows are blown.

05 Jan 23:43

agree with Ricardo

06 Jan 00:06

Agree also, in particular, windows blown.

06 Jan 01:48


06 Jan 03:00


06 Jan 05:18

Windows are blown out too much.

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