Blurred Lines

Picture by angelmphotography

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  • January 11, 2014
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Angel McNall Photography grass nature colorful hdr blurred lines abstract


11 Jan 07:38

Beautifully colored grasses by Lake Casitas in Ojai, Ca.

11 Jan 08:26

Once in a while and not often on Crème one sees an image that is mind blowing. This is it!!!! Absolutely stunning very different for the Crème and beautiful. Pixel police stalking the corridors will drop their magnifying glasses Im sure. Oh yea its not sh

11 Jan 08:27

sharp, depth of field difficult to define, does it meet rule of thirds is that a bit of noise? Breaks every "Crème" rule but God its MAGNIFICENT!!!! A perfect 10 does not do it justice.

11 Jan 12:26


11 Jan 12:31

A piece of ART.

11 Jan 12:59

Sorry I would love to vote on your picture but I just don't get it. I don't want to ruin your score as you may not like my score which would be low.

11 Jan 13:56


11 Jan 15:26

IMHO the image is not in focus or maybe the effect that you apply produce this kind of out of focus effect, maybe I am missing something here.

11 Jan 16:55

Don't know how to vote, not a fan of pics like that.

11 Jan 17:43

Thanks so much everyone, for voting, and billyspad for the very nice compliment. This started out as a very dull, almost after sunset photo. It just didn't capture the vivid colors that I saw with my eyes. As I began to bring out the details with tone map

11 Jan 17:47

Mapping, I had an idea to make this an abstract with a painterly effect, almost like an impressionistic painting. I love the way the colors fade into each other, like a rainbow, so that's why I named it 'blurred lines', the softness is intentional. :)

11 Jan 19:30


11 Jan 21:26

i like it

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