Up in the skys

Picture by oaanesta

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  • January 16, 2014
  • Nikon D800
  • 24-70
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
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  • Editing Software Photoshop / Others
  • File Format RAW
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16 Jan 20:28

A shot from 9 january 2013 (yes a year old), taken in Aabenraa Harbor, Denmark

16 Jan 20:32

cool one !

16 Jan 21:11

super :-)

16 Jan 21:29

really great work!

16 Jan 22:46

Great shot, some strange lines in the sky.

16 Jan 23:09

romzhy: Thanks, I would like to ask witch "strange lines" you see, cabels from the crane, or the rub hal in fog down in right corner just under the light? :-)

17 Jan 00:06

Superb piece of work

17 Jan 00:34

agree there is a strange circular mark in the sky, but awesome shot anyway

17 Jan 03:50

10 :)

17 Jan 05:44

Great shot.

17 Jan 09:27


17 Jan 10:41

I see the strange lines to. Changing screen, over "exposing" the screen settings and a angeled "Insight" to the screen, looking at the sreen from "a top angel-view". Straight looking at the screen it does not show. It is possible a result of wrong quality

17 Jan 12:39

Wow, Wonderful Shot!!!

17 Jan 15:50

I want to make a new commentary regardig this "strange lines". I have "investegated" litle and I want your feedback please: - I am working on a IMac 27" (brand new, not even 14 days old) Screentype: LCD Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pikseldepth: 32-bits

17 Jan 15:55

screen calibrated with Spyder 4 Elite. I looked at my jobs standard computer screen, and I have connected a extern standard computer screen to my Mac, and YES

17 Jan 15:57

on this screens I can see the hashes in the gradient parts of the skys, also I see it in diffrent gradient parts of the picture. Due to the blacks ability to enhance moire

17 Jan 15:59

it shows mutch better, even using RGB colors, similare to printing with example CMYK or US standard SVOP. I think this gradient defects is a result of the screens opportunity to show

17 Jan 16:00

a perfect gradiens in your screens. Can any one give me a feedback if they have possabilities to try the same "tests"..

17 Jan 16:03

Maybe I should mention that on my mac I can not even provoke these defects, the picture is crystal clear, at regular transitions between all colors.

17 Jan 22:21

In my notebook, I saw those lines pixelated, but in my job in a Mac27 2,5k monitor also I havent seen it, desapeared

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