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  • January 31, 2014
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31 Jan 10:41

Taken on Machebo Beach, Aruba

31 Jan 11:12

You seem to have a variety of styles that differ dramatically. You do not allow downloads which unfortunately leads to suspicion. This is so different to what you posted yesterday that it does not ring true. In my country we say"might not be kosher". Allo

31 Jan 11:30

To the suspicious man. All photos are taken by me personally. I have had photo's on similar pages like this and seen again my pictures copies in places they should not be. If I or others should of somehow would change the style should not be suspected of

31 Jan 11:33

Are there any more suspicious of people who think it is something illegal with my pictures, or the way they are manufactured, speak out, so I leave this HDR page and delete my pictures.

31 Jan 11:51

Without wishing to appear rude my pictures like yours on here are most unlikely to be stolen for the simple reason my man neither of us produces work that is worth stealing. If you have the ability to produce work to that standard you have not shown it he

31 Jan 11:52

here yet. I would never call a man a liar without absolute proof so I will accept your word. But I will not vote without a chance to download. So you miss out on my usual 10 vote Im afraid. Many here produce superb work that would be attractive to a thief

31 Jan 11:55

They still allow downloads. A picture thief will not bother you and I fella. Stevie Wonder would spot that mine and what you have posted so far on here is not worth the effort and time

31 Jan 18:01

a Touristic 9 FOR THIS ONE..

31 Jan 20:03

Free Art Friday an ten free Friday by what I see.

31 Jan 20:12

Match the arty day, except for the yellow letters, don't know exactly how to qualify it.

31 Jan 20:28

Fits the theme but for me the girls are to red. Great job though

31 Jan 22:14


31 Jan 23:10


31 Jan 23:38

Thanks for the commentary, it was what I had on Free Art Day at such short notice. I had almost the same color as the ladies when I went home, it was very hot.

31 Jan 23:38

Now that's better with download enabled you get a large top score a virtual hug from Billy and a proper welcome into the Crème playground

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