Middle Prong at Tremont

Picture by bluehair

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  • March 07, 2014
  • 24-120mm Nikon
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
  • Exposures Number +1
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Others
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes I used photoshop and lightroom.
Tremont Tennessee gsmnp smokymountains landscape


07 Mar 20:46

composition - 9, processing 9

07 Mar 20:53

Thank you Mike! I am very green with processing, but I am very proud of this composition. I have only been shooting since October.

07 Mar 21:17

Great 1st post...Water looks slightly bit mapped/pixel elated to me, also need more info on the details panel for camera, exposures etc...All helps to give a more accurate evaluation of your work...

07 Mar 21:30


07 Mar 21:30

Hi Amy, glad to see you posted. First off the composition itself is an Excellent subject matter for an HDR image. always post as many Details above to allow for better assessment of how the image was produced.

07 Mar 21:33

Watermarks are good to protect ones work, but try to make much smaller and place in either the bottom right or left corners as not to take away from the image. Image is rather hard to rate accurately because I do not know how many Exposures are involved.

07 Mar 21:36

As is I rate it a 7-GOOD for a first post. this image has lots of potential to be a 10 with better processing which you can obtain by working with Programs designed for HDR and learning by trial and error.

07 Mar 21:37


07 Mar 21:41

I see you posted processed with Photoshop. Most HDR artist here process with Photomatix Pro. Look at the image next to yours, Fred say " Hi!" from Shanghai". then look at his portfolio. This is the level you want to achieve. Clean and Natural Not over pro

07 Mar 21:54

Clean and Natural not over processed. Your image today has the look of being a bit Over Processed IMHO making it look very Painterly rather than clean.

07 Mar 21:57

Although if Painterly is Effect you are looking for then you do not even need HDR. You can just process your images in Topaz Labs Adjust Program and get this effect and more.

07 Mar 21:58

Thank you all for the feedback! I agree with the watermark as well as the "painterly" feel. I think the water looks a bit too pixelated now that I look at it from your prospective Ed.

07 Mar 22:35

The strange color was the sunlight coming through the trees that I just couldn't highlight properly.

08 Mar 05:36

I like this, superb

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