Cow's Island

Picture by yoctox

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  • October 09, 2014
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09 Oct 15:37

)) 10

09 Oct 17:55


09 Oct 18:30

this is not a photography, is digital manipulation and for a digital manipulation is not very good. i don't like it! so i prefer not to vote

09 Oct 18:38

but i must admit the idea is quite nice

09 Oct 19:09

Didn't get it. Sorry.

09 Oct 19:46

for all: This is the fusion of 4 shots each processed in HDR. In the past they were made of several photos there was all this negative comment, indeed. (Eg you go to look at the pictures of darrellburnet in his portfolio, he has some great

09 Oct 19:48

...... photos), they were much appreciated. Of course everyone is free to vote, but I think that I am free to publish what I believe as long as the photos are made in HDR or a combination of several pictures in HDR

09 Oct 19:55

Please to see:

09 Oct 19:57

@gedmas: see your comment "10" for my manipulation

09 Oct 21:28

This is a great idea. I've seen other photos here that were also 'manipulated', so no problem there. My only real negative is the tree and patch of grass on the back of the cow. Masking issues?

09 Oct 21:45

I am not sure why everyone is so against "digital manipulation. As long as each component of the composite is real and each is HDR on its own then I am fine with it. We get so wound up as to what things "should" be that we don't see the art work for wha

09 Oct 21:46

it is.... Artwork. Every time we drag a set of photos in Phototmatix we are "manipulating' the image digitally. This is after all "digital" Photography... right? Anyway this is very creative and I like it.

09 Oct 21:50

09 Oct 22:16

I like this work, very creative, just the tree on the right side looks weird clone brush is noticeable. Brilliant idea.

09 Oct 22:31

Well as the aforementioned person in your comments, I have to say I TOTALLY get it 10, it's TOTALLY weird 10 and I TOTALLY love it! 10 MORE MORE MORE! :-) 10 (AND a HUGE WOW!!) 10

09 Oct 22:36

I was just going to type what I've only just noticed Phil typed, that if putting three photographs through an HDR processor, then importing into Photoshop via Lightroom and applying filters isn't manipulation, I don't know what is!

10 Oct 05:00

theme, composition-10; light, atmosphere-10; impressive, mood-8; artistic-10; technical-9 [9.40]

10 Oct 05:15


10 Oct 05:17

keep doing it, be yourself

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