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Picture by vendenis

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  • March 06, 2015
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06 Mar 00:03

It is heartbreaking to see my favorite site having problems... I have abstained from posting but never left this site. I have seen ups and downs here, seen jealousy, seen competition; seen incredible photographers; learned from the amateurs, like myself, to love life , to love what we do for the sake of art; not for the sake of becoming famous or becoming rich. I know that every active member here is much more famous and respectable in their respective field of work (Professors, engineers, journalists, freedom fighters, veterans, pilots, biologists, are just a few of my friends I met on this site (though, unfortunately, never in person)), We spoke native English, American English; acceptable English, German, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Estonian Croatian, last but not least my Albanian - yet it was the language of our photos that gave us the universal mean of communication! As one of the oldest users of this site I must commend CARLO (as administrator) who made it possible that we meet (through our work)! CARLO YOU DID A GREAT JOB INDEED! I want to see this site again up an running!

06 Mar 00:12

Well Said Venny, I couldn't agree more.

06 Mar 10:59

Well said indeed .

06 Mar 11:20

Love the image, agree very well said.

06 Mar 14:55

Beautiful shot, and great sentiments.

06 Mar 16:12


06 Mar 18:18

Beautiful Autumn colours....Not sure on the water droplets though...

06 Mar 21:03

Wonderful colors, agree with Inkslinger about water droplets

07 Mar 00:35

Graham and Mario if you are looking for HDR, you will hardly find it in this image. I rarely do HDR nowadays. The image was for just showing support for this site.

07 Mar 00:52

I really like the image very much vendenis, for me is a beautiful one, but just is my thinking that water drops looks to much maybe less will do it more. Maybe is just different

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