Charleston Street Redux

Picture by guyhawkins

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  • April 10, 2015
  • Nikon D90
  • 18-105mm
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number
  • Editing Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.0 Macintosh
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Three jpeg's processed in Photomatix Pro, PS Elements, and Perfect Effects 8...
charleston city architecture south carolina


10 Apr 01:27

Due to popular demand, I have reprocessed and cropped this image I posted a day ago.

10 Apr 10:29

better than before

10 Apr 10:52

Great improvement Guy....

10 Apr 11:55

Better composition

10 Apr 12:33

Agree...much better.

10 Apr 14:47

Thank you gentlemen... I THINK I was able to get a better sky (previous image had a darkening/graying in the middle of the sky) through using more subdued Photomatix processing, and then processing in Perfect Effects 8....I wanted to eliminate the converging/leaning buildings, and I tried that in Lightroom 5, but overall I actually liked the convergence following the street toward the center of the I just did the cropping to eliminate the evidence of tilt provided by the crooked letters in the building name.

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