Faul door

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  • May 21, 2015
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21 May 04:30

Faul door opens in an old tower, whose top was demolished. Epigraph recalls that the opening of the door Faul came in 1568, after the closing of the door of the Valley, with the permission of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The coat of arms of his family stands at the top of the door, along with those of the town of Viterbo, and the vice tied Ansoino Polo. Initially named Porta Farnese, in honor of Alessandro Farnese, the people of Viterbo renamed Porta Faul because it allowed to enter the adjacent Valle Faul. The local historian A. Scriattoli also recalls another inscription, which was mentioned a flood dell'Urcionio occurred October 26, 1706, which destroyed a section of the city walls. In the Middle Ages, near Gate Valley, it was built the final part of the walls to enclose the whole city.

21 May 16:36

Leo, Something not right with the tree & sky line ???? Looks like the sky is overlapping the some of tree branches....

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