Picture by pixel_komando

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  • January 18, 2016
  • Picture of the day
  • Canon EOS 70D
  • 10-20 Sigma
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number 5@1EV
  • Editing Software PaintShop Pro 16,00
  • File Format RAW
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18 Jan 03:23

Great blue hour shot!

18 Jan 05:49

Excellent Vince, great 'Blue Hour' shot...,,,Cheers, Graham (inkslinger)

19 Jan 00:16

Congrats on POTD.....I see my vote was well deserved.

19 Jan 02:16

Congrats again. This is a great shot. I'd like to see it with a 16:9 aspect ratio making sure to include the moon. The negative space to the right of the tree is perfect and the moon makes a perfect accent. The crop would increase the perceptible magenta at the horizon. That perfect warm tone to create a contrasting highlight to the blue hour. Don't take it personally. I always look for the composition within the composition. Its a "framer"!!!

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