Tarantula Steam Locomotive #2248

Picture by guyhawkins

  • Grapevine, TX, United States

  • 500
  • 2
  • 0
  • September 04, 2016
  • NIKON D7100
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2,-1,0,+1,+2
  • Editing Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.0 (Macintosh)
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Five exposures handheld (actually the camera was secured on a pedestal), processed in Photomatix Pro, then in PS Elements, and in NIK Collection: Dfine2, and Color Efex4.

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04 Sep 04:27

Part of the attraction at the Grapevine (TX) Vintage Railroad. When it's operating, it pulls a few vintage passenger cars from Grapevine to the Fort Worth Stockyards. It is most often in the repair shop, and instead they use a G7 diesel locomotive to make the run.

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