Karlskirk vienna

Picture by rrr

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  • June 07, 2018
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07 Jun 15:22

Mobile phoneshot HDR completely unedited, the sculpture in the foreground is a touch dark, by the sculpture Henry Moore, I could have lightened it but this is how it appears to the eye at ten at night.

07 Jun 19:19

Incredible capture Ron with a mobile, I have the Samsung S6 & that's great also at HDR.........

07 Jun 19:42

These phones are phenomenal now, I think the only thing they lack is a zoom capability, Its handy because it's always with you, I think most people don't bother exploring what they can actually do. I have several Nikon and I cant get a good shot at night without having time exposure and tripods, with this it's point and shoot.

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