My violin still life shot with mobile phone

Picture by rrr

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  • February 22, 2019
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22 Feb 17:09

My violin which I shot on HDR setting with my mobile phone, virtually no editing, The score at the back is a bit blown out, but not bad overall for a mobile.

22 Feb 21:10

Excellent post Ron

22 Feb 22:17

Thanks Ed, was thinking of starting to post regularly on here again, dropped in today and saw you were posting, if we could get phil backand pandarino it would be worth doing. I am as much into composition these days. Saw an excellent exhibition recently in London of all Don Mc Cullins work and it has inspired me;).

22 Feb 22:53

And Graham an d Ricardo as well as others who I may have missed.

23 Feb 12:49

Hi Ron, Yep it would be good to get some of the others back. I still see work from Phil, Bjorn, Vince on Facebook. They have their own Facebook Photography pages... Regards, Graham

23 Feb 17:29

Hello Graham, maybe if you are on facebook you ciuld ask them if they are interested. I dont use it myself I am afraid, nice to hear from you.

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