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  • February 24, 2019
  • Lumia 735
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24 Feb 12:15

Taken with lumia mobile phone on HDR setting, any comments appreciated.

24 Feb 13:40

Incredibly good image for a Cell Phone. Image could be improved by more clarity. Go to https://topazlabs.com/ai-clear and try this Free Download as a 30 day trial and you will be surprised at what it can do to your images with only one click. Look for it at the bottom of the page. You will want to re-do all your images with it......LOL.

24 Feb 17:20

Thanks Ed for the tip, I have got some decent editing software, for cleaning up images and such, dont think I have tried the one you reccomended though. With this particular image I actually want it to look soft, a bit like a painting, though I know its not to everyones taste, but I take on board your comment.

24 Feb 18:14

Nice work Ron.....

24 Feb 21:47

No problem Ron. I didn't mean to say your image was not good enough because it could use more clarity. Merely wanted to share with you this New Program, Topaz A.I. Clear. It has blown me away with how well it woks. If for no other reason please give the Trial a go, I think you will be highly surprised at the effects.

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