Orton Effect...

Picture by servicedriver

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  • March 04, 2019
  • SM-G960F
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04 Mar 13:31

Taken with my Samsung S9 mobile phone on Hdr setting, tweaked in Luminar 2018... Supporting Ron on mobile images.....

04 Mar 14:31

Very surreal I like it, thanks for your support. For me the only way to make this site thrive is to attract new members, and most people now use mobiles, I am trying to show anyone who may drop in that they don't need thousands of pounds worth of kit to take a decent shot. As you yourself just proved.

04 Mar 16:00

Agree with Ron. This is a very good HDR considering it is from a Phone. Light, Shadows, Depth, Color....it's all here.

04 Mar 16:56

Many thanks Ron, Ed. I felt I went a bit to far with the edit but looks great on Instagram etc. I have a few more I will probably post in the coming weeks...

04 Mar 22:32

definitely like the` ethereal look to it!

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