Krakow with mobile phone

Picture by rrr

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  • March 07, 2019
  • SM-G935F
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  • Editing Software G935FXXU2EREM
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07 Mar 13:57

I've been impressed with your recent images. Proof that image in phones technology has come a long way. The dynamic range appears to be excellent. It' might be time for met to upgrade my phone.

07 Mar 14:01

As most images on this site one must click on image to see the True value of it. Very nice considering it's a Single image from a phone. Technology has come a long way in my lifetime.

07 Mar 14:49

Not certain of the technology Ed but I think it takes 3 images at the same time, just like an sir, then blends them with internal software, so they are true hdr

07 Mar 15:21

Yes I understand Ron. What I meant by Single is that you do not have to manually process it yourself. It Comes out as ONE Single image. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Perhaps I should have made my explanation more clear to begin with. MY BAD!

07 Mar 17:00

no problem Ed , its me who is the thicky, ;)

07 Mar 17:36

carmelsoul, they are indeed impressive now. If a slightly larger sensor could be fitted, while keeping the noise down they would be perfect for everyday photography.

08 Mar 01:29

It looks great. Certainly a lot better than my current i phone.

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