Belvedere palace vienna

Picture by rrr

  • 1938
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  • March 15, 2019
  • SM-G935F
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  • Editing Software G935FXXS2DRDI
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15 Mar 19:25

Nice Ron...Sky is a little flat but a pleasant image non the less

15 Mar 19:57

Looks good Ron...

15 Mar 20:38

Is there like a Super Canon or Nikon camera in that phone of yours? Very hard for me to believe this is from a's just that GOOD.... L&F I suppose you'd have to do some processing to rid the image of the Bird POOP?.....LOL

16 Mar 10:47

Thanks for the comments guys. Ed I think the phone comes into its own with night shots, because of the pixel size which are one and a half times as big as normal, you don’t even need a tripod, I have taken night shots with this phone that I couldn’t do with my Nikon’s.

01 Apr 14:29

An interesting image is observed, but I think it requires a better effort in the process of hdr

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