Slave Quarters

Picture by digicam

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  • March 17, 2019
  • Sony DSC-H5
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
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17 Mar 01:33

Click on image to view at Highest Resolution. Housing used by slaves back around the turn of century on a Sugar Cane Plantation named Laurel Valley Plantation. Now a Tourist attraction. Houses well over 100 years old. Located in Thibodeaux Louisiana. Thanks for viewing.

17 Mar 10:25

I take it slaves actually used to live in these huts, are they part of a museum now, great image.

17 Mar 19:19

@rrr , not a Museum per day Ron just what's left of the Old Plantation is open to the public for touring. You can't go into these old dwellings they are fenced off and posted. The remains of the Old Sugar Cane Refinery is still there. Very little left of it, and the Old General Store is still there. Part of the property still grows Sugar Cane on it, but is refined at a near by refinery in a small town name Raceland.

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