Downtown St. Petersburg

Picture by franklamica

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  • April 13, 2019
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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13 Apr 12:51

I "Paint" my photos in order satisfy my artistic senses. I believe that in art there no "wrong looks." The concept that any photo is incorrect that does not conform to someone's opinion is just so wrong. There are all types of people in the world and all types of art. To condemn either according to someone's taste or likes is wrong. I wish that I could draw and paint but I don't have that ability or talent. I can however "Paint" my photos either through Topaz Studios or by layering different textures over my photos and by brushing out the opacity in each. It's a lot of work but the enjoyment that it brings me is second to none. I create my "art" for my own enjoyment and satisfaction. The fact that others would "ban it" from this site is truly amazing to me. I have had great success on sites like flicker with over a 1,000 views for many of my photos. I find the concept that photos must confirm to a certain style to be against everything that I have ever learned in life and reminds me of people who would ban certain books because they don't align with their way of thinking. I truly feel sorry for these people.... so sad. I do want to thank Carlo for allowing me to be "included!" Have a great weekend, Frank

13 Apr 15:55

Nice pic, Frank! I also like to make my pictures look like a paint, but unfortunately not everybody accept this as art. So, I avoid posting them here. Have a nice day!

13 Apr 16:35

I agree with what you Say Frank, Photography in all forms to me is Art. As long as you like what you process that's all that matters. I have played with textures myself many years ago but at the present time I am a lot softer in work at the present time & that probably doesn't fit in with the 'Heavy Hdr' guys....Have a good weekend.....

13 Apr 16:51

Nice to hear from you both. Take care!

13 Apr 16:54

Who are you on Flickr Frank, I have been on there for 10 years.….

13 Apr 18:12

Nice HDR qualities in this post, the boats, and especially the detail in the Palms. Pity on the pool being cutoff. Not a fan of the extra effect added but hey, if you like it then that's all that counts. I agree with Graham also all images posted ARE ART in one form or another. This is ART as well. Have A Great Day!

14 Apr 09:46

I like this kind of pictures Frank agree with Digicam " Pity on the pool being cutoff"

14 Apr 12:19

Thanks! Cut the pool in order to center the control tower which was my focal point,

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