Joe Pruning at her Masia

Picture by spiritburner

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  • May 16, 2019
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Normally I let photomatix pro do the work and I just tweak it a little to my personal taste, most hdr is done for myself as i enjoy the extra light and drama it can bring to a photograph, now I use magic lantrn a lot to let the camera shoot the number of brackets it wants...


16 May 19:56

This was for a laught I photographed the entire masia with about a hundred shots using magic lantern on my canon, this one was just for fun, Joe is the sort of girl that walks around topless and works, I had to ask her to put a top on for this one!!

16 May 20:08

Welcome Back! Without the Top it could have been a Winner. Only Kidding. Nice capture and Good Luck in the Contest.

16 May 20:14

Thanks, she really is a naughty lady!! Its difficult to put your eyes in other locations when your having lunch at her Masia!!

16 May 20:21

@spiritburner , Sounds like you're a very Lucky Man.

17 May 01:57

like how the dinamic range works here

17 May 05:42

Thanks, it was a simple one to do really, the Masia or farmhouse in Spain has walls 3 foot thick made of stone, earth and stone and then plastered with lime wash and while remaining cool in the heat of the summer 45 deg it is very dark inside and needs lighting for non hdr. , This large palm tree helped a lot with the light through the window which was good, the problem with hdr in Spain is the light here is so bright compared to North europe where i come from every Hdr is challenging so I find I use magi lantern on my camera now as its better than -1,0+1 its takes as many bracjets as is needed automatically, you just focus manually and take it from there, I like the soft effect it gives because in reality the stone etc is very sharp in the house, I did a full set on this property as we put it up for sale, Joe the lady of the manor is an very old friend of mine and I was helping her sell it which luckily i pleased to say we did. I did normal photographs with lighting and softboxes and then applied HDR to every shot after and the difference was incredible... one or two I had over exposed in the windows but this was before i used magic lantern, now I no longer get those issues at all and have moved over to Aurora and it gives good results I feel, This was photmatix pro.

17 May 05:47

@digicam Joe is a wonderful person and strips off when ever needed, I can sit all night just chewing the fat, she does not suffer fools and time after time she drops in and sees us with no notice and end up feeding her and letting her have a bed for the night, bear in mind she lives in the UK and we live in Spain! shes a bit of a nomad, used to be married to Richard Noble of Land speed Record fame, I have a huge hdr of him by his Lotus in my office all signed. Hew is also a odd character which is sadly why i think the marriage did not work.

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