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  • May 24, 2019
  • NIKON D7100
  • 17.0-55.0 mm f/2.8
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
  • Exposures Number
  • Editing Software Lightroom / Topaz Studio
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Photoshop Elements14 and NIK Color EFX4


24 May 13:52

Pontiac hood ornament, seen on a beautifully restored 1951 Pontiac Eight in Odessa TX at Cars & Coffee, Mar 2018.

24 May 14:03

Ed, as much as you immerse yourself in classic car (and motor) culture, I bet you could have told me the year, make, color, and serial number of the car, just by seeing the hood ornament. ? The car was immaculate, and the fellow had several period-correct motoring accessories displayed with it! @digicam

Updated 24 May 14:04

[comment deleted]

24 May 15:36

OH wow! Love it!

24 May 17:22

@guyhawkins , Not sure I know all the details just by looking at this Hood Ornament Guy, but I would've been willing to wager it was a Pontiac without seeing your description of it. Excellent Capture and Post. Was this a Single File or Bracketed Exposures? Info above doesn't say. Favorite!

Updated 24 May 17:51

@guyhawkins , I see it was a '51. That's the year I was Born. I just love looking at Old Models. Today they just build plastic cars, back then they built Automobiles, Heavy Metal , lots of Chrome. Body styles would change almost yearly. Now they build a car it looks the same for 3-5 years with very little change. I guess in 50 years from now perhaps a Corvette or Mustang of this period will be a Classic just as these Old Chrome Packages are now. Have A Great Weekend!

24 May 21:56

Thank you Frank! Hard to go wrong shooting vintage automobilia (if there is sushi a word?) !@franklamica

24 May 22:07

I have to guess at it, Ed, since this has been over a year now; although I always take at least 3, for processing in Photomatix, I typically settle on one and process it in LR%, then PS Elements and NIK Collection; SO, I'm pretty sure this is for a single RAW shot. Tragically, shortly after this trip, our nephew who we were visiting and who took me to this car exhibition, was killed, and I I've had to say goodbye to a good young man. I posted a pic last year of his 1995 Corvette. @digicam

24 May 23:05

The Chief!! Love those hood ornaments. Check our Old Car City FB page. Junkyard since 1931 and now the “fotografers paradise” ( not my spelling but the 89 year old owner ). People from all over the world go there to see and photograph relics left in place. I’ve posted quite a few on the creme. Not the shiny ones but great rust shots. On their sites photos you will see many ornament shots of every conceivable car. Check it out. You will put that place on your bucket list. I live near Chicago and have been there seven times and still not covered the place. 4,200 cars on 32 acres. I usually wait for the $40 flights. Go down there for the day. Round trip, car for two or three other crazy people, $25 to get in, $10 for a double chili/slaw cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and a drink ( in the old makeshift diner across the street ) makes a great one day trip for $125.

25 May 05:00

I will explore Old Car City, Steve. I'm adding a link to a Flickr album of mine... in Sparta NC last summer, we drove by a field where the tractors go to die.... must have been 50-75 tractors, and assorted attachments parked in these fields (over 15-20 acres, perhaps); man they were beautiful.... here is a link to some fo my pics from there... @steve_zasadny

Updated 25 May 11:46

@guyhawkins , Sorry to hear you Loss Your Nephew Guy. Yes I remember that Vette Image. I always liked cars with Flip Up Headlights. I had a '68 Mercury Cougar with those Headlights as well. Then one day one of them would not open anymore. It looked like the car was Winking. LOL.

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