“Death Row-Joliet Prison”

Picture by steve_zasadny

  • Joliet, IL, USA

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  • 04 Jul
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04 Jul 17:12

Second floor of the maximum security of the abandoned Joliet Prison. The landscape on the wall was the last that many saw.

Updated 04 Jul 20:35

Wow! How sad and lonely a scene is this ? Steve, do you know the story or purpose of the floors built with grates? Thanks for posting and Hope you are Having a Great 4th!

04 Jul 20:44

@digicam the grates are to the first floor. Same cell setup but that part is just maximum security. The second floor was for death row inmates. The walls have to be 18 thick with heavy steel doors with a slot to put food through. There is a small window that has a heavy grid that one cannot really see through. Probably more for speaking. I think that section was built in the later 1800’s. The prison was built around 1850. First in Illinois and perhaps one of the first in the Midwest.

04 Jul 22:28

@steve_zasadny , Thanks. Very informative. I love learning the history of this place and glad I never saw it first hand........... as a Bad Guy.

05 Jul 00:27

@digicam Me too!! Lol

05 Jul 12:27

Congrats on POTD Steve. It seems you have become the Photo Warden of Joliet.

05 Jul 13:05


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