360 Feet

Picture by digicam

  • Dulac, LA, USA

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  • November 22, 2019
  • Nikon D800
  • Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number 7 @ 1EV
  • Editing Software PaintShop Pro / Photomatix Pro / Topaz Studio
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Image slightly cropped. Photomatix Pro / Fusion Natural. 77 mm Hoya Polarized Circular Filter.
digicam wide angle WORK BOATS Boats louisiana


22 Nov 21:46

Pair of 180 Foot Long Gulf Supply Boats. These boats service the Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. This is my First Shot with my New Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens. Click on HDR Switch to view 0 Value Exposure. Click on Arrows Top Right of Screen to view at Highest Resolution. Thanks for viewing.

22 Nov 23:50

@digicam what I really like about this is your management of the clouds and sky. Oftentimes many of the HDR’s that I see have over saturated blues darker than realism and garish clouds. Your tone in the sky is excellent and you have retained the fluffiness and softness of the clouds ?

23 Nov 03:48

great work Ed

23 Nov 03:58

Very nice sky Ed. Congrats with your new lens!

23 Nov 05:03

Lots of movement in sky and water, looks great Ed.

23 Nov 06:32

I agree the clouds are excellent

23 Nov 08:50

Outstanding work Ed.

23 Nov 14:09

@steve_zasadny , Thanks for your assessment of the over all processing. I take that as a Compliment coming from you. Much Appreciated!

23 Nov 14:10

@eduardo_kiehl , Thanks for Kind Words and your Time Edurado.

23 Nov 14:12

@gwigler , Glad you approve Greg, It was quite windy so I cut it the exposures down from 9 to 7 on this One.

23 Nov 14:12

@bilgola , Thanks for viewing MIchael.

23 Nov 14:16

@carlo , Thanks Carlo. The Lens was on sale for $299. Can't go wrong paying that kind of money for a Prime Lens.

24 Nov 20:16

The sky is very nice and has decent micro structures Well done!

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