God bless Italy

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  • 10 Mar
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10 Mar 16:36

I am in Wuhan China Now. I learned the whole country of Italy has been blocked or shut down. More than 9000 people infected and 465people died. In fact, the first coronavirus case in Italy was coursed by a couple of tourists from Wuhan China. I felt so sorry. I found this picture in my cell phone which l took last summer in Milan. I Used snapseed HDR.

10 Mar 21:09

Very Sad info there Fred. Here where I live (Louisiana) the first Two cases in the entire State were diagnosed yesterday in New Orleans. Very nice post for a cell phone. thanks for posting and hope you remain well.

10 Mar 22:48

Yes Fred, Hang in there. From what I read the number of cases is declining in China but increasing elsewhere.

11 Mar 11:01

@josephc Yes, we have only 13 new cases in Wuhan today.

11 Mar 11:03

@digicam Be careful.

17 Mar 03:25

Splendid : )

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