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  • 18 Mar
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18 Mar 12:45

Last week HDR Creme member Steve Zasadny suffered a Stroke. While not a Major Stroke, a Stroke nonetheless, which as he told me made him realize that he is not as young as he thinks he is and that Life is really short. Said it was a Humbling experience for him. We should not take things for granted and to live life as if everyday is your last. Because it just may be. Especially now with this pandemic of the Corona Virus spreading across the globe. I ask members to say a Prayer for Steve's Full recovery and another for ALL Man Kind.

19 Mar 00:29

Ed, very sorry to hear that, will do. And one that we will get on top of this horrible virus in the near future.

19 Mar 05:15

Thanks for the thoughtful comments Ed and Joseph. The event occurred on the return trip from Georgia while retaking Mill pictures and old junk cars in a different season. This was last thing I ever expected as I am an avid fitness enthusiast and practiced nutrition and fitness since my college football days fifty years ago. Indeed life is short and things can change on a dime. I was fortunate in that it mainly affected my speech and that is recovering nicely. It could affected more vital areas or even caused death. I still practice, and my office staff even admitted that it was nice not hear me talk so much! Again, thank all thoughts and prayers for my recovery, It is truly time to re-access what is important and time to smell the roses a little.

20 Mar 12:36

My best wishes for Steve for his quick recovery. Wishing all of you guys stay healthy and safe.

20 Mar 21:27

my best wishes, get well soon man

21 Mar 11:36

@steve_zasadny sorry Steve I've just read about this. I wish you a prompt recovery. Stay safe!

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