Tsukiji Hongwanji - 築地本願寺

Picture by cnobile

  • Giappone, 〒104-8435 東京都中央区築地3−15

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  • April 14, 2020
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14 Apr 11:59

It was built near Asakusa in 1617, but it will be burned down by a big fire called the "Great Fire of the Meiji Period" in 1657. After that, the land that was given by the Edo Shogunate for reconstruction was the current location, but at that time it was on the sea. Therefore, the name "Tsukiji" was derived from the fact that the main hall was built by reclaiming the sea and building land. The main hall was destroyed by fire in 1923 due to the Great Kanto Earthquake, but it was rebuilt in 1934 to become the current main hall.

14 Apr 21:49

Really like this composition and info makes it even more interesting. Thanks for sharing and Hope You are doing well.

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