The Masked Puzzler

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  • Houma, LA, USA

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  • April 17, 2020
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17 Apr 20:29

The Masked Puzzler is ME. Click on FULL SCREEN MODE above to view at Highest Resolution This is just one of the things I have been doing to stay occupied during this time of "STAYING HOME". My wife and I started this 2000 Piece Puzzle on the 24th of March as of this posting we have 102 pieces to go before completion. The image is made up of 12 of my Best selling images and measures 37 x 24. I made the puzzle board by gluing a 39x29 sheet of Plexiglass onto a thick 45x27 sheet of cardboard, then placing 5/8th inch Velcro all the way around so the puzzle does not slide out and help from losing pieces. Using the excess cardboard on each end allows for the entire board to be moved from one room to another. The mask and glasses are to comply with regional mandates due to the Corona Virus. Thanks for viewing and hope all of you Stay Well.

17 Apr 21:00

stay safe, cheers

17 Apr 22:48

Very interesting indeed Ed. And you have almost completed the jig saw puzzle. Stay safe.

18 Apr 02:33

@digicam May I ask what shines on your forehead?

18 Apr 10:31

Great way to stay occupied Ed. Best to just hold your breath until this is over that's what I am doing.

Updated 18 Apr 12:55

@zhaojisheng . The lights in the house were not on. I used the Natural Light coming in from the Window across from me. The window is small, 18x24 and can be seen reflected in my Sunglasses as well.

18 Apr 14:17

" Hold on "

18 Apr 17:53


18 Apr 20:30

Update: The puzzle was completed today April 18th at 1:57PM Central Time. It took 25 days and roughly 210 combined hours between my wife and I to assemble it. On to the next one. But first a Break.....LOL.

19 Apr 19:50

Hi Ed the Puzzler :) Cool occupation to spend hours during lockdown. Wish you easily overcome this period, take care and stay safe.

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