One more week

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  • May 04, 2020
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04 May 18:51

Today is the 7th day I have been staying in the isolation hotel for the Canadian from overseas.

04 May 19:53

Fred, you must be going crazy!! Hang in there!! Similar view I see!

04 May 21:47

If I'm correct you only have a week to go right. No matter how long it takes it's the end result that counts. I have been quarantined now starting my 9 week. Hope we can all come out of this with our Mental and Physical health Intact and have a better appreciation for life. God knows Life will never be the same again. All we can do is try to survive and make the Best of a Bad situation. Thanks for posting Fred and keep us updated.

04 May 22:00

@josephc I am enjoy the comfortable life now :)

04 May 22:04

@digicam Hi, Edy. I have been institutionalized. I wish I coould get used to the normal life :)

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