Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch

Picture by javh

  • Abiquiu, NM, USA

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  • 03 Apr
  • Picture of the day
  • Nikon D800
  • 16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -1,0,+1
  • Editing Software Lightroom / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Blended in Photomatix, adjusted a bit in LR and finished in DXO Color Efex Pro4.
landscape New Mexico ghost ranch


03 Apr 16:15

The iconic Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. There is a trail that one can hike up to the rock.

03 Apr 17:48

nice shot but the sky

03 Apr 22:26

Agree with Yogi on this one James. Beautiful image, but perhaps a bit Over Saturated. Plus there are a few small Sensor Dust spots in the Sky as well. Thanks for sharing.

04 Apr 12:54

Congrats on POTD James.

04 Apr 14:16

Yes, I missed those dust spots. Thanks. The sky in NM can present problems. Typically, I desaturate the blues because most people haven't experienced that level of blue. In this case, I agree that I didn't do it enough. @digicam

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