Morrismen England

Picture by rrr

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  • April 15, 2021
  • Lumia 735
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15 Apr 21:29

Mobile phone hdr

Updated 15 Apr 22:03

Hi Ron and thanks for posting again today. Really like the composition but the HDR of the smart phone is not quite as good as the real deal multiple exposure or even single exposure taken with a high quality camera and processed correctly with the great programs now available. Here again as yesterday this image would be greatly improved by using the Topaz Studio 2 / Add Filter / A I Clear program. It would make this image POP within a few seconds. Keep posting. I like seeing what you're seeing.

Updated 15 Apr 22:46

Just posting what I think are interesting rather than purist images Ed if you know what I mean.. These days my tastes have changed and an image has to have some kind of intèrest to it, probably to do with the amount of travelling I have done in the last couple of years. I will do a few old style HDRs in the coming days, this phone was only about 6 mega pixels so not to bad for what it is. I still love HDR but I think photography has moved on in the last few years and the future is mobile phone technology. For me photography even HDR should be first and foremost composition, and interest, if you dont have these the image doesnt really do anything, just my opinion and I could be wrong. I really like some of the images I have looked at on here the last day or two, freds and Pandarinos in particular, great photographers, along with karl oparka, Graham and yourself. Though Karl and graham as well as ricardo and flipd are in the past now. But not forgotten;)

15 Apr 22:55

@rrr , I agree 100% Ron. I posted your image after running through Topaz Studio 2 as I mentioned to you earlier. Look at the difference between the Two and you will see even a 6 Megapixel does a great job with the right program assistance. Hope you like what you see. Let me know your thoughts on it. Cheers.

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