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  • August 01, 2021
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Car lada rusty urbex


01 Aug 06:42

I've seen a lot of beautiful rusty cars on this website. That's why I want to show one too. I discovered this Lada in a forest in Belgium.

01 Aug 13:29


01 Aug 16:39

How did the bumper ended around the tree? That’s so cool.

01 Aug 19:05

Top area is a bit on the Dark side. Vignette I take it on your part. Steve Zasadny would approve of this post for sure. Good work and thanks for sharing the 0EV as well.

02 Aug 00:50

Well it's official.....It's a Hat Trick. Congrats again on the Third POTD in a Row. Maybe you could take a day off and give someone else a shot at it.......LOL.

02 Aug 06:08

As a newcomer to this website, I can of course draw on unlimited resources. In a few days I'm going on vacation and then it's time to take a break. ;-) Many of you are probably on the summer break at the moment to shoot beautiful new photos.

05 Aug 02:09

Some would say that this is the best thing that could happen to enhance the usefulness of a Lada, but that would be unkind. Great find and great shot.

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