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  • September 08, 2021
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08 Sep 07:29

The town of our friend and moderator Ed Voisin (digicam) has been severely hit by Storm Ida in Louisiana. His house had substantial damages and was left without electricity, water, phone service and internet for days. Ed is 70 years old and despite being through difficult situations in his life, he described this as 'hell'. I'm asking you as member of this community for a small donation. Let's help him rebuild his house and provide for some basic needs in this difficult moment. Any donations, even $1, would make a big difference. If you can't donate, please share this message and send Ed some positive thoughts. Donation link:

08 Sep 07:31

To send him a message:

08 Sep 20:59

Very sad, hope he is ok by now, I ll send him a message

09 Sep 00:08

What a sad story it is! And this is a wonderful photo!

09 Sep 06:17

Very sad to hear that about our dear friend Ed. Hope he will restore his house quickly and come back on line. I will send him a message.

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