Whispers of Eternity

Picture by bryantbullard

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  • September 21, 2009
  • Picture of the day
  • Nikon D 90
  • 18-105mm
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2,0,+2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Others
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes For this shot I took 18 shots at 3 exposures each. I mounted the camera in the portrait postition on the tripod so I could get the widest view in the panoramic. I used dynamic photo HDR to process the raws to HDR images then saved as tiffs. I imported the 18 tiffs into photoshop and stitched them together with photomerge. Sharpend a little and finished! total time 3 to 4 hours.


21 Sep 14:46

Sunrise View From ridge in the Guadalupe Mountains. In the permian age Over 250 million years ago, what is now called the Guadalupe Mountains, Was once a reef. It is the only permian aged exposed reef the world. After millions of years of uplift and retracting ocean, the reef formed into mountanous peaks and valleys. This is a land full of Indian legends, awe inspiring valleys, and over a thousand caves including Carlsbad Caverns.

21 Sep 15:06

very good!!!

21 Sep 15:08

Very nice!!!!!!!!!

21 Sep 15:17

Thank you for the kind comments. I am having a hard time calibrating my monitor for brightness. Does this print in your opinion have the right amount of brightness to you?

21 Sep 17:19

Epic Epic Epic Photo! Brightness looks ok, post another with the brigtness boosted to what you think is good so we can get a better idea of how bright it should be.

21 Sep 19:30

Have you tried either of these 2 tools to help set up your monitor? http://www.calibrize.com/ http://tft.vanity.dk/ Both work great!

21 Sep 20:19

I will check them out! Thanks for the tips.

22 Sep 03:24

This is truly a fantastic photo. The brightness is perfect; and, the commentary is most helpful in setting a context for the photo. This scene was made (years ago as you note) for HDR.

22 Sep 09:21

Brilliant picture. Brightness is perfect. Congratulations.

23 Sep 22:00

Great photo and geohistorical account of what you've captured.

25 Sep 18:47

Great panorama!

25 Sep 23:19

18x3=54 shots + 4h of computer processing = superb photo!

26 Sep 06:13

Good composition, light and colour rendition, & well-stitched. I am always relieved when I see an image which has not been hideously over-worked in HDR!

02 Dec 04:36

Hey Bryant, do you have a creative commons license on this photo?

12 Dec 16:40

Awesome job! I think panos are the hardest to capture correctly. The lighting,prcessing and everythig else is just pristine!!

05 Feb 10:47

Another great one! I would not mind to have this in my living room all across the wall! :) Absolutely awesome work!

11 Mar 17:10

Knocks me off my feet! PLEASE do more HDR and share them with us!!!

12 May 15:57

Nice work - and great location. I love the sky and only wish there were more exposure in the dark shadows of the mountains - just a bit.

23 Jul 06:42

Very good job.

06 Jul 11:37

Gorgeous shot

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