Finding Used Moving Boxes For Your Big Move Shifting is generally a troublesome task at every stage. From packing, to moving the stuff to the new location, to unpacking again; it is a process that is fraught with hassle. For those preparing to make a move, finding boxes to pack your things in, can be a challenge. Most people do not want to waste money on new boxes that are only going to be used once, so, an appropriate solution would be to look for used moving boxes. These are comparatively cheaper and easier to find. A good place to start the search would be at your local supermarket. These stores tend to receive their products packed in boxes, so there is bound to be a vast supply waiting to be reused. You can ask the store manager or make arrangements with the delivery staff to provide you with some. Apart from supermarkets, you can also consider trying your luck at electrical goods stores. They might have boxes from display or damaged items. The more adventurous can simply dig through the trash at the local mall; boxes and recyclables tend to be stored separately from the smellier rubbish, so you need not worry. If you are enlisting the services of a moving company, you might be able to get a cheaper rate through them. Alternatively, there are websites that sell both new and old moving boxes. These can be purchased individually or at a discount if you buy them as a set. Some innovative websites also allow you to get them for free, by providing you with a list of people in your area who want to get rid of their boxes. The recycling plant would be a good pit stop on your box hunting journey. Most stores and households get their recyclable trash delivered to these plants. You can call up the one nearest to you and check if you can get some boxes for a small price, or with the right negotiating skills, for free! While you are sourcing different outlets to meet your packing needs, you shouldn't overlook the ones closest to you. Ask around the neighborhood or Packers and Movers Ahmedabad among your group of friends, someone just might have some leftover boxes from their last move. The workplace is another option, check with your shipping department if they have any to spare or pick up some empty boxes from the storage room or the photocopying room. A good plan would be to invest in new boxes for items that are going to remain in storage; for instance winter wear or fine dining sets that you do not use often. Instead of the run of the mill cardboard boxes, you might want to think about investing in more durable plastic ones, as these make better long term storage devices. These tips should help you find used moving boxes to make your big move that much easier. Once you are done with them, be sure to pass them on so you can help someone one else out. You could also pass on some of these tips!